Jun 2, 2017

Friday Focus - June 1, 2017

Events for the Final Week (I can't believe it's already here!):
Monday, June 5th - grades due by 7:30am
*Added-Seniors graduation walk through the hallways at 2:35. See below for details
Tuesday, June 6th - recess carnival led by 7th graders
-I will be out of the building with the 5th graders on their college visit to UW Madison
Wednesday, June 7th - Report Cards distributed
Thursday, June 8th - The. Last. Day.
Assembly at 11:00, Picnic Lunch to start right after (11:30ish)
I will also email out a time for me to take K-2 and 3-5 into the gym for some extra fun, because I know we will likely lose many students at the end of the picnic and it will give you some extra time. 
Friday - Report and Planning Day

Sunday - Graduation is at 1:00pm in the HS gym. If you would like to come, all staff line up to shake hands with the seniors as they walk into the ceremony. Another great opportunity if you want to come and send them off to the next chapter in their lives. 

"Nuts & Bolts" Notes:
*Senior graduation walk details: This year they will be wearing caps/gowns for the full effect. I know that many of you had students from this class years ago and we are so fortunate to be under one roof to be able to see students grow even after they leave us in the elementary. This isn't a run, this is a walk so you have time to give high fives, handshakes and hugs. It is also such an incredible opportunity for our elementary students to see their future!
I will play an announcement with music to follow at 2:35. Please see the map below of the route they will take. 5K, 4th, 5th and Ms. Z's 4K will need to move down the hallways to be on the path. 

*Please add your Honor Roll/On A Roll names to the google doc so Marie and I can get certificates ready for the assembly. 

*Please make sure any unfinished items in your mylearningplan are complete: 
    • Click "Acknowledge" on any forms that are waiting for you to review.
    • If you do not submit your Alt. Comp form with the evidence of your pre-approved activities by June 15, the form will disappear for you to be able to do so.
    • Self-Score your SLO and hit submit. If you're not on your summative year, we do not have to meet to discuss this unless you want. 
    • All the other end of year reminders that were given to you before for the Effectiveness Project are HERE

May 18, 2017

Friday Focus - May 26, 2017

A HUGE thank you to the Fuel Up to Play committee for all of their work to bring us the Packer Football camp--it was a blast! It was so great to see all of our kids having such a good time, teachers enjoying the time with their students and getting to see our high school football players be such great leaders for our kids.  Thank you to everyone for being flexible with your lunch times and everything else that was affected.  Now we are already on to the Walkathon with more fun, exercise and making memories with our students!

Remaining Events for the School Year:
Monday, May 29th -No School (whew, take a breath!)
Week of May 30th - iPad Collection
Tuesday, May 30th - Bike Safety presentation 2:15
Wednesday, May 31st - Staff Appreciation Dinner
Friday, June 2nd - grade level app list due
Monday, June 5th - Report Cards due 
*Added-Seniors graduation walk through the hallways (Time yet to be determined)
Wednesday, June 6th - recess carnival led by 7th graders
Wednesday, June 7th - Report Cards distributed
Thursday, June 8th - 4th Quarter Dodgeland Pride Assembly, End of Year Picnic

"Nuts & Bolts" Notes:
*Who left that article in mailboxes about the biggest time killers, including judgement, gossip and negativity? It was me. It's very easy to become stressed at this time of year (believe me, I totally get it, my list is long too!) and I think we all might need a reminder to focus on the right work. Just letting you all know...hearing rumors and gossip is definitely a pet peeve trigger of mine and I confess to getting "cranky-pants" hearing it happening. Having times of Dodgeland family loss is also a time to put things in perspective and look at the big picture in life. Some of those little petty things to complain about are not such a big deal anymore when you look at life.

*Approved budget sheets were put in your mailboxes. The next step is purchase requisitions. : )

Blogs, Tweets & Pins...Oh My!!!
*I absolutely love this blog post and the inspirational images to end the year strong: Finish Strong

Are you worried about what to do without your iPads? Maybe you'll find some good ideas here:
Turn any worksheet into an activity

Friday Focus - May 19, 2017

I am often reminded of the phrase "crisis reveals character" as I work with such an incredible staff. Fortunately, our power outage was a short crisis, but nonetheless, was a temporary crisis! I appreciate how you responded and observed many of you:

  • Remaining a calm presence for students that were scared...some of you even turned it into a learning opportunity with your students (making educated guesses about what happened) or brainstorming "what if" stories.
  • Lending a helping hand...several of you didn't have students with you during the power outage and helped out with little ones and getting around to each room to help spread the word on our plan.
Our days never really go as planned and I fully understand when our schedules get derailed. I appreciate how many of you always put student needs at the forefront, even when it is inconvenient for you!

Remaining Events for this School Year:
Monday - Staff meeting 3:10 (Agenda-tech news and end of year celebration/reflection activity. Please bring a device)
Thursday - Packer Youth Football camp for 2nd-5th grades
Friday - Walkathon
Monday, May 29th -No School (whew, take a breath!)
Week of May 30th - iPad Collection
Tuesday, May 30th - Bike Safety presentation 2:15
Wednesday, May 31st - Staff Appreciation Dinner
Friday, June 2nd - grade level app list due
Monday, June 5th - Report Cards due
Wednesday, June 6th - recess carnival led by 7th graders
Wednesday, June 7th - Report Cards distributed
Thursday, June 8th - 4th Quarter Dodgeland Pride Assembly, End of Year Picnic

"Nuts & Bolts" Notes:
*Just a reminder to please check the class lists draft. I will be putting tags in Educlimber at the start of next week.

"SLO's and Doc Logs and Summatives...Oh My" (ok, not exactly the same as Lions and Tigers and Bears!)
*Just like everything else on the to-do list, I'm behind in mylearningplan work too and haven't gotten to the point to give any follow-up reminders of what I haven't checked from you if you haven't turned something in yet. Here's a great reminder of: End Of Year EP Stuff
For those of you in your summative year I will be sending out an email next week to schedule our meetings. I know that many of you will not be done with your SLO's yet and that is completely ok, because your students are still learning! We always manage to work together to get it all done before you leave for the summer! :)

Blogs, Tweets & Pins...Oh My!!
*Understanding the Summer Slide: Sharing Data with Parents and Students

May 11, 2017

Friday Focus - May 12, 2017

Changing the message about the final days of school will have an impact on student engagement and behavior. If you want to have a sign in your room, why not try this one? 

Image created by Jay Posick

Upcoming Events:
Monday - Music concert for grades 1/3/5
Wednesday - Workout Wednesday
Friday - I will be out of the building for a DAC PLC meeting
Dodgealnd School Night Out at the YMCA 6:30-8:30pm. Please feel free to bring your own family for the fun! Dodgeland families get to swim, play in the gym or up in the loft.
Thursday, May 25th - Green Bay Packers Camp for Grades 2-5
Friday, May 26th - Walkathon

"Nuts & Bolts" Notes:
*If I can get caught up I hope to have the tags in Educlimber for classroom teachers to be able to start looking at your next year's class. Thank you for being patient with me!

*Please make sure that you are working on the grade level app list for Ms. Abegglen which is due on 6/2.  She will also be emailing you information in the near future about the timeline/process for turning iPads.  As was shared before, we have to turn in our student iPads early this year, because the lease is up. We have to deactivate/send them back so we can start getting the new iPads ready for summer school learning. Yes, this means your end of year activities will likely be different than years int he past, but I've already heard great ideas being brainstormed for STEM activities, hands-on publishing work, group projects and other neat things not requiring iPads.  It may also just be a time when we realize how fortunate we are to have iPads!

Blogs, Tweets & Pins...Oh My!!!
*Ending the Year with Intention - Great ideas for reflection work at the end of the year with our readers/writers.
*High Expectations, All Students, No Exceptions

May 4, 2017

Friday Focus - May 5, 2017

Great Things I Noticed this Week:
*5th graders incredibly engaged in a book club discussion. They had come prepared with several pages marked with post-it notes, ready to share parts they connected with, made predictions or had questions about.
*Students asking to meet with me to find out how to publish their own books...they came with a plan about a book they are all collaborating on together, each writing from different character viewpoints in a google doc together. Talk about student passion, engagement and personalized learning!
*Kindergartners literally diving in to math (picture a kiddie pool with balls of math facts to dive in for to solve). Talk about making math fun to spice things up!

Events Next Week:
Monday - Mid Quarter, yes it's already time to send home progress to make sure parents know how their children are doing in this final stretch of the year!
-Monday's Staff Meeting has been moved to May 22nd.
**That's all I see on the calendar...am I forgetting something?!

"Nuts & Bolts" Notes:
End of the year assessments...
 (don't stress, think of how much you'll get to celebrate!)
*The MAP window IS open and ready for your class. 3-5th likely will still want to wait as you're recovering from Forward. MAP testing will need to be completed by Thursday, June 1st.
*Math AIMSWeb will also need to be completed by the end of the year for 1-5th. 2-5th grade teachers you will be given the login info for your students next week. 1st grade teachers-Mrs. Stanton will be pulling your students for 1:1 testing.
*When you complete F&P, please add the instructional levels to the google doc so I can enter them in Educlimber.

Blogs, Tweets & Pins...Oh My!!!
*I love this post by Pernille Ripp, because this is in so many of our classrooms already: How To Be a Reading Role Model-Without Actually Reading in Front of Your Class
*Teachers, Do We Appreciate One Another?

Apr 28, 2017

Friday Focus - April 28, 2017

I have been so incredibly busy with testing, fires, and the other endless piles that I'm missing out on being in classrooms to see the great learning! Thank you to everyone who has lent a helping hand with testing, supervision coverage, etc. Your teamwork is much appreciated...no one can do this alone!

Events Next Week:
Wed/Thurs - I will be out of the building at a training
Fri - PD Day (I'll have the agenda out to you soon)
Mon May 8 is already Mid-Quarter (progress reports will need to go out)

"I heard it through the Grapevine..."
You're all talking about it...who's going where?! Well, you officially know now that Mr. Reinke is coming back (Welcome back Brad!!!!). Mrs. Chambers will be joining us in the elementary as an additional special education teacher and it is also official that Mrs. O'Toole will be joining the 1st grade team next year (making 3 classes in first and 2 in second next year).  Any other talk about people moving is all rumor, because I have no other plans unless other "dominoes fall" out of my knowledge.
 We will also be having interviews soon for our new part time music teacher. Please let me know if you would be interested in joining on the interview team.

Blogs, Tweets & Pins...Oh My!!!
*I Almost Gave Up
*Hugging a Porcupine

Apr 21, 2017

Friday Focus - April 21, 2017

Great Things I Noticed this Week:

  • Our 3-5th graders showed great focus, determination and persistence while taking their first round of Forward testing. I proctored a group of 5th graders during the writing session and was so pleased to see them applying the strategies that they have been learning/practicing in class.
  • 1st graders singing Japanese in music. You read that right...Japanese!
  • 4th graders took a break from state testing for a STEM project--designing an invention to pick up trash for Earth Day. I noticed students working together in their teams: problem-solving, asking each other questions ("What if we did..." "Well, how will that work?")
  • Dodgeland's Got Talent!  Seriously, the talent show was amazing!!!  A HUGE Shoutout to the Talent Show committee for all of their hard work leading up to this big night. A HUGE kudos to Mrs. O'Toole's mastermind behind the teacher act (seriously...how does she always come up with stuff?), Mr. Mane's artwork on the ghosts, and Mr. Muenchow's musical talents to lead our boomwacker band. It was so great to see some of our students' amazing talents. Some of them were such a surprise that I'm so grateful to get to see! I know that special events like this take quite a bit of work and can seem like "one more thing," but they sure do create such wonderful traditions and memories for our students and school community. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
    • Please feel free to share the staff Ghostbusters act with your class, which you can find HERE.
Upcoming Events:
Today - 2:25 State Send Off for HS Forensics at your normal post

Monday - Optional EP training at 3:15 in the IMC. This will be a work time on your end of year SLO's and/or Documentation Log. I will be in there to assist/answer questions. If you are a great procrastinator like me, then going to this space/time may be what you need to get some of your work done in mylearningplan.

Tuesday-Thursday -State Forward testing continues for 3-5th grades in the mornings. Please keep hallways quiet. 

Friday - Grandparents Day for K-2 in the afternoon
-Budget requests for next year are DUE TODAY!!!!

Blogs, Tweets & Pins...Oh My!!!
*A must read that I'm sure you can each think of at least one student that this pertains to: The Difference Between a Motivation Problem and a Discipline Problem